Entries by Trevor McNally

What I Learned From My Trip to Hell

“…I let my body slowly sink and the noose get tighter and my head get lighter. I could breathe. I felt my pulse throbbing in my head as the rope squeezed tighter around the arteries. It was easy. I slouched deeper against the post sitting on the floor. I didn’t feel any pain.”

Part 3: The First Surgery

“The scalpel is scraping against my ribs.” I confirm. There was a hollow vibrating sensation as the sides of the scalpel scraped the sides of my ribs as it pushed between them. It was an eerily dull sound like the nails of a rotten corpse hand scratching through the lid of a wooden coffin. I looked up over my shoulder to check on the status of the assistant nurse. He now faced completely away from the operation fully braced on the side of my bed. Any remaining color in his skin was now gone.

Part 2: Narcotics

Here I am laying in the emergency room after almost dying, and I feel better than I have in years… I couldn’t even try to give a fuck about anything. I made it…finally. The knife was gone.

Part 1: The Car, The Knife, and The Boa

I took a breath in and felt a butcher knife plunge through my chest as freshly cracked ribs ground against each other with the expansion of my diaphragm. I exhaled and felt hot fluid run out of my mouth. My chest tightened as an invisible boa-constrictor squeezed tighter around my lungs.